Dry compound carpet cleaning in the Colchester area.

   Dry compound carpet cleaning is ideal for Sisal, Seagrass and all natural fibre floorings.

Our dry compound carpet cleaning starts with us conducting a quick health and safety assessment of the working areas and suitability of the carpeting for dry compound carpet cleaning.

We ask our clients to clear the flooring of any lose items, but we don't expect large items such as: wardrobes, beds, tables, cabinets, sofas or arm chairs to be moved. Whenever possible we will move these items away, clean underneath-behind & replace them to their original position.

We begin with a thorough vacuuming of the area to be cleaned and testing of your carpets colour fastness and any fitting faults. We will tidy any fiber strands that are out of place owing to snagging or tearing.

Next we "spot" clean to remove any visible spills, stains or marks on the carpeting.
Sisal and Seagrass type carpeting can't be treated with some of the stain removers in our "armoury" but we carry a huge amount of products that can be used safely.

A biodegradable absorbent powder and cleaning compound is then applied to absorb dirt and grime.
We use a specially designed cylindrical counter-rotating brushing system to ensure the compound is worked deep into the carpets or natural fibre flooring.

After allowing the compound to absorb the dirt and grime a high powered vacuum is then used to clean the compound and dirt away. This leaves your carpet immediately clean, dry and fresh.

Dry compound carpet cleaning charges:

Lounge carpet (20x20ft max) only £75.

Dining room carpet (20x20ft max) £75.

Through lounge-dining area (20x40ft max) £95.

Hallway, staircase and landing £75.

Hallway carpet £35. Staircase £55. Landing £35.

Bedroom carpet (20x20ft max) £75.