How to use a Rug Doctor to clean your carpets:

Check any items to be cleaned for colour fastness and suitability for this method of cleaning.
Before you use the machine you should clear the room you are cleaning of all obstructions and furniture.
Vacuum the carpets you are going to clean using a vacuum cleaner Dyson, Henry, Hoover etc.

Connect the hand tool at the rear of the machine. 

First pull down the solution feed connector release which is located on the bottom right hand side and pull off the connector. To do this you need to pull down on the brass ring under the connector whilst pulling the connector upwards.

Swap the machines solution feed for the one on the hand tool.
Check the solution feed is seated correctly and that the brass ring-connector lock has returned to the locked position.

Secondly pull out the top of the machines vacuum connector on the back left hand side and swap for the one on the end of the hand tool.

Unwind cable and safety plug from the holder on the handle.

Check the machine is turned off on the machines top control switch.

Locate a socket within range of the machine and ensure it is switched off.

Plug in and turn the socket on.

Press the reset button on the safety plug.

Remove the waste tank from the machine by gently pulling the wire handle forward away from the filter.

Fill the machines reservoir located under the waste tank with up to 11 pints of warm tap water and up to 5 caps full of our detergent. Check the container you use to fill the machine with is clean of free of any debris.

Replace the waste tank and lock the wire handle back into position.

Select “Hand tool” on the mode selection switch on the top control.

Move the machine into position in the room.

Turn the machine on using the switch on the top control.

The hand tool is now vacuuming at the front and when the trigger is depressed the shampoo mix should spray out from the tool.

Squeeze the trigger and spray the shampoo into the carpets stains or dirty spots.

Lean the hand tool back and GENTLY agitate the solution into the carpet using the built in brush. Lean the tool forward and vacuum the area to remove the dirty residue.

Now with the hand tool clean the edging of the carpets and any other areas the machine won’t be able to reach when in carpet cleaning mode.

The machine should now be “swapped” back at the rear connectors ready for normal use.
To do this first turn the machine off and swap the hand tool solution feed for the one on the machine.
Check the solution feed is seated correctly and that the brass ring-connector lock has returned to the locked position.
Swap the vacuum hose fitting for the built in one.

Select “Carpet” on the machine mode selector.

The machine is now vacuuming at the front.

Stand behind the machine and adjust the height of the handle so it is comfortable using the lever under your right hand.

Turn the machine on using the control switch on the top of the machine.

Press the RED button on the top of the machines handle with your thumb. This will activate the pump and the cleaning brush underneath the machine.

Gently pull the machine backwards across the carpet.

The machine will spray the warm water and detergent mix deep into the pile of the carpet. The brush arm will agitate the mix into the fibres of the carpet and the vacuum plate at the front of the machine will suck up the residue along with the dirt and grime as you slowly pull it backwards across the carpet.

Beware of the machine running out of shampoo mix. To check tilt the machine backwards while depressing the RED button, you should see the machine spraying. If you can’t see any spray stop, turn the machine off on the top controller and refill.

The machine will run for approximately 10-15 minutes before the tank will need refilling with warm water and detergent.

To refill the machine and empty the tanks always turn the machine off on the control switch first. Remember you must empty the waste tank every time you fill up. Don't empty the machine into a sink as it may block the u-bend, instead empty it down the toilet or drain.

When you have finished using the machine any unused shampoo mix in the tank should be emptied into a bucket using the hand tool.

Remember to rinse out the waste tank and coil the power cable onto the handle on the machine after use.

Please call us on 01206 521312 should you require any help or assistance.