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It can be really difficult using a website to get the right information on a complex subject like carpet cleaning.

We try really hard to make it as easy as possible to show our services online but sometimes we may fall short.

   We are available online or over the phone.

We're always happy to chat, or even pop round in person to assure you that your carpets are in safe hands.
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We have tried to answer most questions below.

Packages explained:

Our packages offer you the very best and most cost effective carpet cleaning service.

Our packages are in 2 groups.

The first group (Packages 1,2,3 and 4) are for cleaning of all the carpets in that particular type of property.

This is normally the case when you are moving out of rented accommodation and all the carpets must be professionally cleaned. Most landlords require proof of cleaning in writing to ensure your deposit is returned when you vacate the property. We offer FREE certificates of cleaning for any package.

ie: If you live in a 1 bedroom house or flat and want all the carpets cleaned you should choose package 1.

If you live in a 2 bedroomed property choose package 2.

Package 3 for a 3 bedroomed property and package 4 for a 4 bedroom property.

You can't choose a 1 bedroomed property package (Package 1) if the property has more than 1 bedroom as the packages are based on the average sizes of rooms in those specific property types.

For homes with more than 4 bedrooms or if you need help in selecting the correct package please call us 01206 521312 or send us an Email with your requirements for an individual and great value quotation.

 The second group (Packages 5,6,7 & 8) are multi room packages.
These offer great value for having just a few rooms carpets cleaned.

ie: You only require a living room and dining room or a couple of bedrooms cleaned but not every room in the home you should choose one of these multi room packages.

If you want an individual carpet cleaned please choose from the individual carpet cleaning list. HERE

CLICK HERE to view all our packages or HERE to book now online.

Our online prices are for a carpets measuring 20ft x 20ft maximum.
Please call us for a quotation for larger areas.
We are available from 8am-8pm 7 days per week and will be pleased to assist you. Tel 01206 521312.

Dry compound carpet cleaning: 

This method is ideal for cleaning of natural fibre carpeting such as Seagrass or Sisal.
Please click here for full details.


We encourage our customers to phone us BEFORE attempting to remove any stain.

Synthetics and wool fibres absorb liquid spills quickly so fast action is necessary for your best chance of removing the stain. Remove any solids using a spoon or blunt knife, working from the edge of the stain and as much as possible in the direction of the pile.
The exception is latex paint, which solidifies on rubbing. Rinse with water while blotting up.
Press absorbent white paper towel gently on the stain and repeat until no more moisture is absorbed. Never rub a stain always blot with a paper towel or white towel.

Try to remove residual stain with a little lukewarm water containing a small amount of washing up liquid and white vinegar. Always test the effect of ANY solvent or cleaning product for Colour Fastness by applying a few drops to an unseen area of the carpet and blot with a clean white tissue or paper towel.


We can remove most of the spots we encounter on your carpet. However, keep in mind that some spots turn into ‘stains’. In these cases, the spots have changed the original colour of the carpet.

These stains are most commonly caused by pet urine, vomit, grape juice, various medications and cleaning agents. In cases like these carpet dyeing or having a stain cut out and patching is the only remedy.


These are dark areas that develop gradually over time. They are most commonly found along the perimeter of the room, along the walls, under floor-length carpets and under doors. The lines are caused by air currents passing through the carpet in these areas.
The air carries microscopic particles of dirt and soot. As they pass over the carpet, the soil particles settle and become embedded in the fibre yarns. The carpet, in essence, acts like an air filter by trapping the particles.  We have products created for just such circumstances.


When carpeting is installed, the carpet nap is laid in the same direction. Shading is normally found in high traffic areas, such as hallways and is the result of multi-directional foot traffic, which forces the nap to lie in opposite directions. When viewing the carpet in these areas, it looks either lighter or darker, depending on where you are standing. This condition is reversible and having your carpets deep cleaned and the pile restored will help.


When various household chemicals and bleaches are dripped onto the carpet and not immediately removed, some may lie dormant, not appearing until ‘activated’ by carpet cleaning. Some of these chemical agents are acne medications, ammonia, and household cleaning agents containing bleach. Please notify the cleaning technician if you are aware of any spills of this nature.


Over time, carpet fabrics become worn or distorted to the degree that they no longer retain their original texture or shape. This is a physical change, the fibres sustain ‘scratches’, thus creating a dull/faded appearance and while our deep cleaning and grooming will improve a worn carpet to a degree, restoring it to a "new" appearance is not always possible, but will help.


While our ‘state of the art’ deep steam cleaning methods, coupled with a comprehensive deodorising and disinfecting products will eliminate most minor odour problems, some odours (pet) thoroughly invade the carpet, underlay and in some instances, sub-flooring. We would recommend steam cleaning and sanitising as the best option.


You may notice waves or small ripples appearing in your carpet immediately following cleaning.
The absorption of moisture or humidity may also cause the carpet latex to expand, resulting in buckling.
This will resolve itself as humidity in the room returns to normal and the carpet dries.
The reasons for buckling vary.
If an installer does not power stretch your carpet or fails to do so properly, buckling may occure. An underlay that is too thick can also cause buckling as will laying new carpet over old.

"Dragging" heavy furniture across wall-to-wall carpeting will pull the carpet off the "gripper" strips, causing waves. Re-stretching is advised in this case. 

Sorry if we didn't cover the problem you may have with your carpets please call 01206 521312